14th August 2017

Supply Chain

Logistics & Supply Chains In India
Our Understanding

Delayed though, the eco system now acknowledges the criticality of effective Supply chain management for its potential to be a key business driver! An efficient supply chain facilitates realizing of business objectives by ensuring seamless integration of the multiple links and stake holders in the chain in all it’s manifestations, by leveraging technology!

While the advantages of an integrated network are well documented, functional silos however continue to be a reality in Organizations and at times even within the same function. Silos lead to limited and selective exchange of information, duplication of efforts and functional prioritisation that often may work at cross purposes with other stake holders thus impeding realizing of optimal system efficiencies and Corporate business objectives.

Functional and transactional Silos are thus a stumbling block to supply chain performance transformation – a key prerequisite for businesses to succeed! Evolved supply chains respond proactively to the prevailing business paradigm, requiring significantly more focus on addressing customer expectations, cementing horizontal relationships, integrative thinking and considered collaborative responses. These values are difficult to consistently reinforce and support in siloed structures. It needs strategic planning, Tactical management and effective operational level processes.


As is known, Organizations that have successfully leveraged their logistics and supply chains have invariably leveraged the advantages of a comprehensive and integrated network backed with effective technology interventions to provide real time visibility, proactive interventions and quality decision making by all stake holders in chain thus ensuring the desired material and finished goods flows in chain and minimising cost to revenue cycle time.

At Value Supply Chain Solutions, we understand the criticality and value of cross functional integration in Organizations. We assist our partners to realize the same and thus leverage the full potential and power of their Supply Chain network as a key business driver.