28th June 2017

About Us

About Us..


Value Supply Chain Solutions LLP is a firm registered by Supply Chain Professionals of experience and repute who are driven by the shared vision of supporting our partners leverage their Supply Chain and logistics networks as key business drivers. We leverage analytics, our experience and application of principles of Supply Chain Engineering for designing efficient and effective Supply Chain solutions. We own our solutions and deliver derived benefits by implementing the solution, ensuring realizing of committed results for our customers.

At Value Supply Chain Solutions, we understand that credible solutions cannot be limited to only optimizing individual links of the Supply Chain. It is therefore important to address the value chain in a holistic manner to derive the desired efficiencies and effectiveness. We do so by designing, managing, integrating and optimizing all the links in the Supply Chain.

Businesses today operate in VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) environment and therefore yesterday's solutions cannot be today's remedies. We also understand that each business is different and as such develop customized solutions in that we engineer solutions that not only support the realization of the current business objectives, mitigate business risks but also guarantee sustained operational and cost efficiencies.

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